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The Digestive System

See if you know the vocabulary that is a part of the study of the digestive system.

nutrientusable portion of food
Calorieamount of energy that can be obtained from nutrients
proteinsnutrients that build and repair
amino acidsbuilding blocks of proteins
carbohydratesenergy rich nutrients like starches and sugars
fatsnutrients that supply energy, insulate the body, and cushion organs
vitamins and mineralsmicronutrients
calciummineral that builds strong bones
ironmineral that helps blood carry oxygen
Vitamin Aimportant for skin cells and vision
Vitamin Cimportant for healthy blood vessels and gums
enzymecontrol a variety of chemical reactions
ptyalina chemical substance found in saliva
digestionthe breaking down of food into simpler substances
esophagustransports food to the stomach
peristalsiswaves of contractions that push food along
stomachorgan where the food is mixed with gastric juices
pepsinthe enzyme in gastric juice
small intestinetheorgan in which most digestion takes place
liver and pancreasdigestive helpers
villitiny fingerlike structures
large intestinein this organ bacteria produce vitamins K and B
rectumshort tube at the end of the large intestine
anusthe opening at the end of the rectum

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