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Chapter 11

goodwillThe price Joel is asking for his ice cream shop includes a value for the ______Joel has created.
interestEach state sets a maximum ______ rate that lenders can charge.
restrictive covenantThe __________that Shari asked Vinnie to sign when he left her employ was legally enforceable.
usuryIf a lender's interest rate exceeds a state's maximum, that rate may be deemed ________.
price fixingCompetitors who agree to sell a particular product or service at an agreed price are engaging in ________.
restraint of tradeThe law protects people from ________by voiding contracts that take away the right to make a living and do business in a market economy.
competitive biddingthe town council was required to use ________to select a builder for their new town hall.
licenseSome people must have a ______ to practice their trades or professions.
lotteryOne source of additional money for state governments is a state-run ______.
bidSteve got the contract to build the new museum for the city; his was the lowest ______.
blue lawsStatutes passed making it illegal to make a contract on Sunday.
To raise revenueLocal government require trade or occupational licenses.

Ms. Abernathy

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