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Spelling List 1

This spelling unit list was developed by Tina Cook (MMS).

anchora weight to fix the position of a boat
claritystate of communicating clearly
deciliterone-tenth of the metric base unit of volume
deviseto create or invent
exoskeletonouter covering of all arthropods
frictioncaused by objects rubbings together and it results in heat
heartharea at the base of a fireplace
hoarsenessa raspy-sounding condition of the voice
immensehuge size or quantity
indulgepermit one's desires or wishes
limboa traditional Jamaican dance; or a state of indecision
mauvea mixture of pink and blue that results in a rosy color
memoirmemories collected and written in book format
meteorpiece of fallen matter from space that enters earth's atmosphere
mischieftrouble of an innocent but pesky kind
precipicea high point on land, usually an unstable one
sonneta fourteen-line poem that follow specific rhyme scheme; used frequently by Shakespeare
grovelto beg shamelessly

Mrs. Nipper

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