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Ecce Romani 49

Flash Cards

lambolambere, lambi to lick
parcoparcere, peperci + dat to spare
cogocogere, coegi, coactus to force, compel
vescorvesci + abl to feed on
doleo-ere, -ui, -iturus to be sorry, sad or in pain
admirationi esseto be a source of amazement
quasias if
placidegently, peacefully, quietly, tamely
clementerin a kindly manner
blandein a coaxing manner
exanimatus-a, -um paralyzed
mutuus-a, -um mutual
crudelitascrudelitatis f. cruelty
claudus-a, -um lame
lateo-ere, -ui to lie in hiding
mitis-is, -e gentle
mansuetus-a, -um tame
stirpsstirpis, gen pl. stirpium thorn
consensusus agreement
admiror-ari, -atus sum to wonder at

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