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Solar System

sunhot, burning ball of gas
orbita traveling path around the sun or a planet
earth yearone whole orbit around the sun
earth dayone whole earth rotation
the reason for our seasonsthe earth is tilted
solar system1 star, 9 planets, moons, asteroid belt, & comets
Mercuryclosest planet to the sun
Venushottest planet
Earthonly planet that we know has life
Asteroid BeltDifferent sized rocks orbiting around the sun between Mars & Jupiter
Jupiterlargest gas giant planet, has a big red spot that is really a huge storm
Saturngas giant with many large rings
Uranusgas giant that rotates on its side
Neptunegas giant that has lots of storms
Plutosmallest & coldest planet
cometa ball of dirty ice that orbits the sun & sometimes comes close to earth. It looks like it has a tail


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