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Build a Medical Term

For example, use the combining form for spleen witht he suffix meaning enlargement to form a word meaning enlargement of the spleen (answer: splenomegaly)

combining form for heart_____________ suffix meaning abnormal softening_______ term meaning a softening of the heartcardio malacia cardiomalacia
word root from for stomach_________ suffix meaning to surgically create an opening_________= term meaning creating an opening into the stomach through the abdominal wallgastro stomy gastrostomy
combing form for nose_______ suffix meaning discharge or flow________= term meaning runny nose_________rhino rrhea rhinorrhea
combing form for blood______ suffix meaning abnormal flow___________= term meaning excessive bleeding____________hemo rrhage hemorrhage
word root meaning disease________ suffix meaning the study of_________= term meaning the study of disease__________patho logy pathology
prefix meaning slow________ word root for heart_________ suffix meaning pertaining to________= term meaning slow heart rate__________brady card ia bradycardia
prefix meaning under______ word root for stomach suffix for pertaining to________ = term meaning under or below the stomachhypo gastr ic hypogastric
prefix meaning around______ combine with the term oral_______ = term meaning around the mouthcircum oral circumoral
combining form meaning tongue________ word root meaning pharynx_________ suffix meaning pertaiing to_____ = term meaning pertaining to the tongue and pharynx_________glosso pharyge al glossopharygeal
prefix meaning before______ combine with the word cubital, which means pertaining to the elbow_____ = term meaning in front of the elbow__________ante cubital antecubital
prefix meaning two______ combine with the lerm lateral________ = term meaning pertaining to two sides_________bi lateral bilateral
prefix meaning all________ word root for uterus_______ suffix meaning surgical removal_______ = term meaning the removal of the entire uterus including the cervix___________pan hyster ectomy panhysterectomy
combining form meaning red_____ suffix meaning cell_______ = term meaning red blood cell________erythro cyte erythrocyte
prefix meaning without_______ word root for brain_______= term meaning without a brainan encephalic anencephalic
prefix meaning negative__________ combine with the word normal_______= term meaning not normalab normal abnormal

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