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World War II

A review of important terms from our unit on the Second World War.

AppeasementGiving in to a nation's demand to avoid confrontation
Open Door PolicyThe U.S. wanted Japan to abide by this in China
Four FreedomsWhat FDR said the U.S. was fighting for in WWII
KamikazeJapanese suicide pilots in WWII
genocideKilling an entire race of people
rationingThis was done on the U.S. homefront to conserve resources
Hiroshimafirst city destroyed by an atomic weapon
Munich PactEngland and France agreed to give Hitler the Sudetenland
D-DayThe allied invasion of Nazi occupied France
Battle of Midwayregarded as the turning point in the Pacific War
Korematsu v. the U.S.ruled that it was legal to place Japanese Americans into concentration camps in the U.S.
Nuremburg Trialstried Nazi war criminals after WWII
A. Philip Randolphthreatened to lead a march on Washington if more was not done to end discrimination in defense plants
Executive Order #9066this placed Japanese Americans into concentration camps
Flag Salute Casesthese involved Jehovah Witness students who would not salute the flag
FEPCthis agency worked to prohibit discrimination in hiring at defense plants during WWII
IsolationismU.S. policy that attempted to keep the nation out of alliances
Fascismthe type of government led by Hitler and Mussolini
Lend Lease Actgave aid to England and Russia in the form of weapons and equipment
Pearl HarborJapan's attack on this place brought the U.S. into WWII
PolandWhen Hitler attacked this nation it began WWII in 1939
Josef Stalinleader of the Soviet Union during WWII
Winston ChurchillPrime Minister of England during WWII
Neutrality Actspassage of these tried to keep the U.S. out of war during the 1930s
American Bundan organization of American Nazis
America FirstThis movement promoted American neutrality and isolationism
HirohitoEmperor of Japan during WWII
Dwight EisenhowerCommander of Allied forces in Europe during WWII
Holocaustname for Hitler's destruction of the Jews
Harry Trumanpresident who ordered the dropping of the atomic bombs
BlitzkriegGerman for "lightning war"
Non-Agression pactagreement by Germany and the USSR to invade and divide Poland
War bondsUsed to help the U.S. finance the cost of WWII
Axis powersGermany, Italy, and Japan

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