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Andean Countries

terms related to the study of Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina

cordilleragroup of mountain chains that run side by side
llanoshot grasslands in northeastern Colombia
cash cropcrop that is sold for export
campesinoname for Colombian farmers
altiplanolarge high plateau in southern Peru and Bolivia
navigablewide and deep enough to allow ship passage
empiregroup of lands under one ruler
Lake Titicacahighest navigable lake in the world
Ecuadormeans "equator"
quinoacereal grain grown in Bolivia
sodium nitratemineral produced in Chile for fertilizer and explosives
Tierra del Fuego"land of fire" - group of islands in southern Chile
tanninsubstance from hardwood trees used to make leather
estanciaranch in Argentina
gauchocowhand, the national symbol of Argentina
Gran Chacoforested area of western Argentina
Patagoniadry, windswept plateau of southern Argentina
Pampastreeless plains of Argentina

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