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Plant Structure and Development

A quiz on key facts about the structure of plants and the development of plants, specifically seed plants.

What are the funtions of roots?anchor the plant to the ground and absorb water and nutrients
What are the functions of stems?support the body for the plant, and carry water, nutrients and food
What are the functions of leaves?the main organs of photosynthesis
What is dermal tissue?the tissue that makes up the outer covering of the plant
What is ground tissue?the tisssue that provide most of the plant's supporting strength and where photosynthesis takes place
What is vascular tissue?the tissue that makes up the fluid-conducting system of the plant
List the parts of a rootepidermis (root hairs), cortex, vascular cylinder
What is referred to as the movement of water past a membrane?osmosis
What are the parts of a stem?pith, cortex, epidermis, xylem and phloem
What are two kinds of stems?woody and herbaceous
What are the parts of the leaf?epidermis, mesophyll, veins
What are the types of leaf cells?mesophyll cells-palisade and spongy layers, upper epidermis-guard cells, stomata, lower epidermis-cuticle
What are the components of the vascular system?xylem and phloem
What is the function of xylem?to transport water and nutrients
What is the function of phloem?to transport carbohydrates
What is geotropism?plant growth in response to gravity
What is phototropism?plant growth in response to light
What is thigmotropism?plant growth in response to touch
List four plant hormonesauxins, cytokinens, gibberelin, ethylene

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