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As people in each group of colonies developed profitable industries from local resources, they began to resent English control of their trade.

exportto send goods to other countries for sale or trade
importto bring goods from another country for sale or use
agriculturethe business of farming
free enterprisepeople can start any business they want
industryall the businesses that make or provide one kind of product or service
triangular tradea three-sided trade route
Middle Passagethe middle leg of the triangular trade route.In colonial times the selling of slaves occurred here.
Elizabeth Lucas PinckneySouth Carolina planter who made indigo a major cash crop for the South
West Indiesislands stretching from Florida in N.A. and to Venezuela in S.A.
silversmithingcraft Paul Revere was best known for
independence & hard workan important part of our country's free enterprise system

Mrs. Hutchinson

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