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Minerals and Rocks

Fifth Grade Science

What is the difference between rocks and mineralsrocks are made of minerals
Name 3 ways to identify an unknown mineralstreak test, Moh's Hardness Scale, Luster and Color
What is the purpose of Moh's Hardness Scale?to identify minerals
Talc is a number one on the Moh's Scale that means:your fingernail will scratch it
What is the hardest mineral on Moh's Scalediamond
How does the streak test help identify rocks and mineralsEvery mineral has a color, you can tell the difference by these colors
The three types of rocks aremetamorphic, sedimentary and igneous
Why are sedimentary rocks found at the surface of the earth?this is where sediments gather and build up
small pieces of rock, minerals, and organic substancessediments
How do sedimentary rocks formbuild up of sediments over time
How do metamorphic rocks formheat and pressure cause a sedimentary rock, igneous rock, or other metamorphic rock to change
metamorphosis meansto change
What is the difference between banded and non-banded metamorphic rock?banded have rings or bands, non-banded do not
examples of metamorphic rockgneiss, marble, slate
examples of sedimentary rocklimestone, sandstone, shale, gypsum, halite
igneous meansfire
how do igneous rocks formwhen hot lava or magma cools and hardens
What is the difference between magma and lavalava is deep inside the earth, magma breaks through the surface of the earth
examples of igneous rockobsidian, granite, basalt
If igneous rock forms from magma, it cools ____ and the grains are ______.slowly larger

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