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World's People

terms related to the study of Culture, Population, and Resources

culturethe way of life of a group of people
civilizationhighly developed culture
cultural diffusionknowledge and skills are spread from one area to another
language familygroup of languages with similar beginnings
standard of livingmeasures people's quality of life
literacy ratepercentage of people who can read and write
free enterprisepeople start and run businesses with little government interference
socialismgovernment plays a central role in the economy
Huang Hesite of early Chinese culture
Indus Riversite of early culture in South Asia
Tigris-Euphrates riverssite of early culture in Southwest Asia
Nile Riversite of early culture in Africa
emigratemove to another country
refugeeperson who flees a country from persecution or disaster
population densityaverage number of people living in an area
urbanizationmovement from farms and villages to cities
developed countrycountry that is industrialized
developing countrycountry that depends on agriculture and small industries
demographerscientist who studies population
birthratenumber of children born each year per 1000 people
death ratenumber of deaths for every 1000 people
faminelack of food
natural resourceanything from nature that people use
renewableresources that can be replaced fairly quickly
nonrenewableresources that cannot be replaced
fossil fuelcoal, oil, natural gas
subsistence farminggrowing only enough to feed yourself
service industrydoes not produce a product, such as mechanic, cook, etc.
pollutionputting impure of poisonous substances into the land, air, or water
pesticidechemical that kills insects
acid rainprecipitation which picks up chemicals from pollution
hydroelectric powerenergy generated by falling water
solar energyenergy produced by the sun's heat or light

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