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Math Word Problems

Identify the correct whole number operation(s) to solve the math word problem. Do you ADD, SUBTRACT, MULTIPLY or DIVIDE?

Briana lost 5 lbs the first week of her diet, 3 lbs. the second, 2 lbs the third, and 2 lbs. the fourth week. How much weight did she lose altogether?Add
Priscilla wants to buy a pants suit that costs $59.00. She has saved $37. 50. How much more money does she need to save?Subtract
Mr. Rollins makes $840 every two weeks. If $183 in deductions is taken from his paycheck, how much does he take home?Subtract
Together, Serena's boat and trailer weigh 2,951 pounds. If the trailer alone weighs 378 lbs., how many pounds does the boat weigh?Subtract
There were six women at the Delta meeting. Their ages were 36, 43, 41, 29, 45, and 39. What was the average age of the women attending the meeting?Add and divide
Princess drove 912 miles in two days. If her car gets 34 miles to the gallon, how many gallons of gas will she use on her trip?Divide
If an airplane averages 378 miles per hour, how far can it fly in 7 hours?Multiply
Victoria buys 12 packs of soda for the barbecue. There are six cans in each pack. How many cans of soda will there be?Multiply
Sound travels at 1,129 feet per second. How far away was the lightning bolt that caused the thunder if it took 8 seconds before you heard the thunder?Multiply
The Uptown Theatre has 43 rows of seats. Each row contains 57 seats. How seats are there in the theatre?Multiply
Lillian's living room is 24 feet long and 16 feet wide. What is the area of her living room?Multiply
California navel oranges are on sale at 12 oranges for $2.00. What is the cost per orange?Divide
Princess made her 912 mile trip in 16 hours. How many miles per hour was she driving?Divide
How many weeks are there in 588 days?Divide
Janet wants to save $1,500 this year. How much should she save per week to meet her goal?Divide
If Sandra contributes $100 to support public radio, how much is she "spending" each day of the year to listen to her favorite public radio programs?Divide
If there are 5,280 feet in one mile, how many feet are there in 15 miles?Multiply
Timothy makes $27, 000 and his wife makes $34, 500. What is the difference in their income?Subtract
If there are 5,280 feet in one mile, how many yards are in one mile?Divide
If Latonia had $371. 62 in her checking account and just wrote a check for a $225 love-seat, what is the balance left in her checking account?Subtract

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