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WWI Study Activity

For ESL students in Ms. Domoney's American History class. This section is on WWI

LuisitaniaBritish passenger ship that Germans attacked, 128 Americans died
Woodrow WilsonU.S President that wished for nuetrality
propogandainformation used to persuade
white propogandapresent information in an ideal perfect state
black propogandaused to scare people
Selective Service ActCongress passed law to draft young men ages 18-35
Food Administration(Herbert Hoover) for feeding starving Europeans. Also encouraged food conservation
Victory gardenpeople were encouraged to grow their own food in gardens
Triple Entente (allies)France, Russia, Britian
Triple Alliance (central powers)Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire (Turkey)
Armistice DayNovember 11, the day WWI ended
1917year America became involved in the war
#1 reason U.S. goes to warGermany's unrestricted submarine warfare

ESL teacher
Lakewood Middle and Pleasant Ridge Middle

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