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Chapter 18 section 1 "Preparing for War"

VA, NC, TN, AKThese were 4 of the 8 undecided states that went to the side of the Confederacy.
DE, KY, MO, MDThese states were known as the "Border states."
DelawareShe supported the Union.
KY, MO, MDThese states wavered their support between both North and South.
Martial lawThis means rule by the the army instead of by the local officials.
Southern advantagesfighting a defensive war, defending homeland, good hunters and horse riders, best officers
Southern disadvantagesfew factories and railroads, smaller population
9 millionnumber who lived in the South and 1/3 were slaves
22 millionnumber who lived in the North
Northern advantagesmore population,produced 90% of manufactured goods, strong navy
Northern disadvantageshad to fight a offensive war, conquer a large area, difficulity in finding good military leaders
Jefferson DavisConfederate President,West Point graduate, former Sec of War,
Abraham LincolnU.S. President, little experience in politics or military, sense of humor, learned quickly from mistakes
Robert E. LeeMan Lincoln wanted to command the Union forces. But Lee chose to command the Southern troops.
Disliked slavery & opposed slaveryLee's belief's
Stars and BarsSouthern flag
Stars and StripesU.S. flag
4 yearslength of Civil War
MarylandEspecially important to the Union. If she sided with the South, the Union capital(Wash D.C.)would be surrounded by the Confederacy
24 and 11Number of Union and Confederate states respectively

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