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Chapter 39 vocab

Henry J. KaiserHad important naval-ship building company.
A. Philip RandolphHead of brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters.
Douglas McArthurCommander of American Forces, Pacific Theater
Chester W. NimitzNaval Admiral, high-grade naval strategist
Dwight D. EisenhowerGeneral, Commander of all Allied Forces, eventually became President in 1952
Joseph StalinHead of Soviet Communist party during WWII
George S PattonComander of American forces in Africa
Thomas E. DeweyPopular vote getting New York Governor but could not defeat Truman
Harry S. TrumanSucceeded FDR, ordered bombing of Hiroshima
Albert EinsteinGerman scientist that created ideas for atomic bombs
War Production BoardChanged America into a war economy.
Office of Price AdministrationRegulated war prices
War Labor BoardImposed ceilings on wage increases.
Smith-Connoly ActJune, 1943, (anti-Strike) Act was passed by Congress. Federal government can nw seize and operate tied-up industries.
BracerosMexican agricultural workers brought across the border to help grow fruit and grain.
Fair Employment Practice CommissionMonitors the compliance of Employment with Roosevelt's edict.
Casablanca ConferenceBetween Winston Churchill and Roosevelt, stepped up to the pacific war, invade Sicily, increase pressure on Italy, and insist upon surrender.
Second frontMore troops to invade and fight the war, this was not established early enough.
Teheran ConferenceNov. 28-Dec. 1 (1943) Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin. Went over attack plans on Germany.
D-DayJune 6, 1944; one of the most devastating aspects of the war: invasion of the peninsula of Normandy.
VE-DayVictory upon Europe Day, Germany's government surrendered. May 7, 1945
Potsdam ConferenceHeld near Berlin in July 1945, issued a stern ultimatum to Japan: Surrender or be destroyed.
VJ-DayVictory on Japan Day-- the most horrible war in history had ended in two atomic mushroom clouds.


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