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Chapter 18 section 2 "The Struggle Begins"

East, West,and the seaMajor areas of fighting during the Civil War
Union plansblockade southern ports, control the Mississippi River, and capture the Confederate capital of Richmond, VA
Confederate plansfight a defensive war
Bullrun07/21/61 1st major battle, Union troops retreat but Confederate troops do not press the attack
General Thomas JacksonSouthern commander also known as "Stonewall Jackson"
holiday moodattitude of some northern people who came to watch, with their picnic baskets of food, the battle of Bullrun
General George McCellanUnion commander who transformed raw recruits into an army of trained soldiers
General Robert E. LeeCommander of all Confederate troops
Union blockadeUnion ships which restricted Confederate supply boats from using southern ports
Merrimacformer Union warship which the South outfitted with 4 inch armor plating
MonitorUnion's answer to the southern ironclad, Merrimac
Hampton Roads, VirginiaOff the waters in this area the Merrimac and Monitor fought to a draw. Union navy maintained the blockade
Antietam24,000 Union and Confederate troops were killed here in one bloody day of battle. Southern troops retreated and the North did not pursue
Ulysses S. GrantUnion commander who gained control of the Mississippi
VicksburgSouthern fort high on the cliffs above the Mississippi River
July 4, 1863Confederate forces surrender to Union General Grant. The Mississippi River is now completely controlled by the North.
Mississippi River and naval blockadeTwo of the North's military goals which were accomplished by July of 1863.
David Glasgow FarragutFamous for capturing Mobile Bay. Legendary words "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!" were shouted has he sailed into the bay despite the explosive mines that had been laid.
"All quiet along the Potomac"National joke refering to Gen. McCellan's reluctance to move his troops into battle.
Lincoln's sarcasmReference to Gen. McCellan's inactive troops,"If McCellan is not using the army, I should like to borrow it."
1860-1865Battle of Gettysburg fought and Gettysburg Address delivered dyuring these years.

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