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Ocean Water

Practice with vocabulary from Chapter 15: Ocean Water

SalinityNumber of grams of salts in 1 kg of water
Estuaryarea where large river flows into the ocean
Thermoclinea zone of rapid temperature change in the ocean
1 g/cm3the density of pure water
1.027 g/cm3the density of ocean water
Sodium chloridethe main type of salt in ocean water
Coriolis effectcaused by the earth's rotation, it bends the earth's winds and ocean currents
Gyrecircular pattern in which ocean currents flow
Upwellingwhen wind pushes warm surface waters away from the coast and cold, deep waters moves upward to take its place
Longshore currenta shoreline current forming a zig-zag current parallel to the shore
Rip currenta narrow powerful stream of water that flows at a right angle to the shore
undertowforms when water carried to the shore in waves pulls back toward the ocean
El Ninoa disturbance of ocean currents that occurs every 3 to 5 years
Tidesdaily changes in ocean water levels
Semidiurnal tidesareas that experience two high tides and two low tides each day
Diurnal tidesareas that experience one high tide and one low tide each day
Spring tidesdaily tides with the greatest difference between high and low tides
Neap tidesdaily tides with the least difference between high and low tides

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