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vocabulary 3

vocabulary lesson #3 games

dogmaa system of doctrines put forward by an authority, especially a church, to be absolute truth
dogmaticpertaining to dogma
dogmaticexpressed in an authoritative or arrogant manner
heterodoxnot in agreement with accepted beliefs; holding unorthodox opinions
agnostica person who believes nothing can be known about the existence of God
agnosticrelating to the belief that the existence of God is unknowable
physiognomythe art of judging human character by facial features; facial features when regarded as revealing character
prognosisa prediction of the outcome of a disease; any forecast or prediction
criteriona standard, rule, or test on which a decision or judgment can be made
hypocrisypretending to have feelings, beliefs, or virtues that one does not have
amnestya general pardon for offenders, especially for political offenses
mnemonicrelating to or assisting the memory
freneticfrantic; frenzied
frenetica frenzied person
schizophreniaa severe mental disorder in which a person becomes unable to act or reason in a rational way
schizophreniaa situation of extreme conflict between choices, loyalties, or ways of life
arraignto call to court to answer charges
arraignto accuse; to charge with wrongdoing
rationalethe reasons underlying something, often presented as a statement (used with "for")
rationalizeto provide a rational basis for something, often by false or self-serving reasoning

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