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ANTARCTICA Vocabulary and Terms(Chapter 27 Section 2)

Play a couple of matching or concentration games and see how well you remember the terms and vocabulary for ANTARCTICA! Be geography smart! Geography is COOL! (Like a GLACIER!)

rookerynesting place for large numbers of birds or marine animals
crevasselarge break in the Antarctic ice
icebergslarge chunks of ice that fall off glaciers when they meet the ocean
Antarcticaleast explored of all continents; sits on the southern end of the earth
South Poleearth's southern most point at 90 degrees south
Vinson Massifhighest peak on Antarctica at 16,066 feet
Belica Antarcticaa wingless insect 1/10 inch long; permanent land animal of Antarctica
Roald Amundsenan explorer from Norway who raced to reach the South Pole in 1911
landformsIn Antarctica a huge ice cap covers the _________
1911The South Pole was discovered in _____.
Ross IslandAntarctica's Mount Erebus is located here
scientific researchIn 1959, 12 countries signed a treaty agreeing to use Antarctica only for this
Robert Scottan explorer from Britain who died while racing to reach the South Pole in 1911
ByrdU.S. Navy officer who first flew over the South Pole
Cape Hornthe southern tip of South America
Mount ErebusAntarctica's most active volcano found on Ross Island
Transantarctic Mountainscrosses Antarctica and splits it in two
ozonea form of oxygen in the atmosphere
ice shelfpart of an ice cap that extends from the land over the ocean
krillshrimplike animal that is a major source of food for Antarctica's animals

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