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Chapter 14 vocab

Andrew JacksonFirst "western" President; first lost to Adams in House.
John C. Calhounvice-president; resigns to support South
Henry ClayCompromiser; corrupt baraign; Kentucky Mansville road
Martin Van BurenChosen successor of Jackson; also secretary of state
William CrawfordIn run for election in 1824; had stroke, so out of the picture.
Peggy Eatonsnubbed; Jackson tried to force her acceptance; resulted in the "Petticoat War"
John Quincy Adamscorrupt bargain; first minority president
Daniel Websterspokesman for New England in Webster-Hayne debate
Denmark Veseyfree black-- led rebellion in South Carolina.
Robert Y. HayneSpokesman for South in Webster-Hayne debate.
common manmasses; mostly in South and West
New Democracyyounger, more western
nullificationSouth Carolinins wanted to repeal the Tariff of 1828
spoils systemReplace officers with political suporters once in office.
rotation in officenew president brings in new federal workers
"King Caucus"Used to choose nominees for President.
Democratic-RepublicansJacksonian supporters; believed in more rights for the people.
Anti-Masonic partyAgainst Jackson (and other Masons)
"Revolution of 1828"Increased turnout in polls; shift from east towards the west; jackson elected.
Twelfth AmendmentHouse of Representatives must choose among top three, if noone wins.
"King Mob"Rule by the masses
"corrupt bargain"Supposed bargain between Clay and Adams.
Kitchen CabinetJackson's advisers.
Tariff of AbominationsTariff of 1828; Jackson's rigged bill to hurt Adams.
Eaton AffairCaused Calhoun to leave; Peggy Eaton not accepted; Jackson tried to force it.
"South Carolina Expositon"Pamphlet written by Calhoun against Tariff of 1828
Maysville RoadFederal funding for road in Kentucky linked to an interstate artery; vetoed by Jackson.


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