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Chapter 15 vocab

Andrew JacksonOpposed to nullification; weakened bank; Trail of Tears; chose Van Buren.
John C. CalhounVice-president; supported South
Henry ClayComporomiser; compromise bill; printed Jackson's bank message.
Martin Van BurenSuccessor of Jackson; left with all his troubles.
Nicholas BiddleHead of bank; called in loans; "Biddle's Panic"
OsceolaLeader of Indians; seized by commander w/ truce flag.
William HarrisonWhig's nominee; elected President
Sam HoustonCommander-in-chief of Texan army; wiped out Santa Anna at San Jacinto.
Stephen AustinGranted land for Americans to settle by Mexican government.
John TylerHarrison's vice-president running-mate ("afterthought")
Santa AnnaGovernor of Mexico; wiped out the Americans at the Alamo and Goliad.
Black HawkLed Saux and Fox Indians in resisting eviction, crushed by troops.
William TravisDeclared "I shall never surrender not retreat"
nullificationWanted repeal of Tariff of 1828 and of 1832.
annexationTexas wanted to join US
antislaveryopposed to slavery
"Favorite Son"Whig's candidates-- try to scatter vote; Harrison most popular.
Tariff of 1832New tariff; took away worst and lowered tariff; still opposed.
Specie circularRequired all public lands to be purchased with hard (metallic) money.
"Trail of Tears"Indians forced to move West.
Panic of 1837speculation, grain prices forced high, problems abroad.
Force BillAuthorized president to use the army and navy to collect federal tarriff duties.
Seminole IndiansResisted; retreated to the Everglades for guerrila war; tricked into surrendering.
Divorce BillEstablished an independent treasury.
Bank of the U.S.Federal bank set up by Hamilton but mistrusted.
Lone StarFlag of Texas when got independence from Santa Anna.
Independent TreauryTake money out and give federal government separate treasury.


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