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Chapter 23 vocab

Clement L. VallandighamA candidate for presidency in 1864, was quickly defeated however.
Andrew JohnsonRunning mate with Lincoln during 1864.
John Wilkes BoothShot Lincoln.
Robert E. LeeMajor general for the confederates side. Drove back the peninsula attack of the union, won many battles against the union, very gifted military leader.
Thomas J. JacksonAlso known as Stonewall Jackson-- was a great military leader, and between him and Lee they were the most dangerous weapon the South had.
Ulysses S. GrantWas the Union's answer to a general, his boldness, resourcefulness, and doggedness made him show as a good general.
George B. McClellanGiven command of the Union Army of the Potomac, which was the major union force. Also called young napoleon, superb organizer, and drillmaster. Overly cautious. Lost the peninsula campaign.
William T. ShermanCuta sixty-mile swath of destruction through Georgia, and absolutely destroyed Alabama.
George B. MeadeReplaced hooker as grand general of union troops, led the Battle of Gettysburg.
Salmon P. ChaseLinoln's secreatary of state who tried to remove him from office.
Doctrine of ultimate destinationStated that ships seized that were carrying war supplies were obviously destined for the south.
MerrimackSouthern ship that was re-outfitted with railroad ties along its sides, easily one two battles with union ships until the monitor arrived in which there was a four hour battle resulting in a tie.
MonitorThe Union's iron-clad, also called the cheese box on a raft.
VirginiaThe Merrimack was renamed this when it was re-outfitted.
Emancipation ProclamationFreed all the blacks in the rebelling states forever, however it did not do much good because the confederate states were still in succession, and the ones in the border states that were loyal did not have to give up their slaves.
Thirteenth AmendmentGave all blacks their citizenship in the US
CopperheadsThe soldiers under the command of George McClellan
Union PartyWhat the Republican party called itself in the election of 1864.
First Battle of Bull RunFirst battle of the war. The Union was so confident in winning people actually had picnics near it. Union was defeated when confederate reinforcements unexpectedly arrived.
Battle of AntietamSeptember 17, 1862. One of the bloodiest battles of the war, one of the first victories for the Union.


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