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Brush up on the latest vocab to prepare you for the SAT and Ms. Kreger's quizzes! This list is entitled "You're in Love with Him/Her , So You Have to Explain Him/Her to Your Friends."

cynicismthe belief that all human action is motivated by selfishness
deliberateintentional, well thought out
diversitythe state of having different elements
dupea person easily deceived
erraticunpredictably eccentric
gullibleeasily deceived
indecisioninability to decide
miserone who saves greedily
obsessiveoverly preoccupied
reclusesomeone who lives in seclusion
reticentuntalkative, shy, reluctance to speak
stridentharsh, grating
stoicnot affected by passion or feeling
sullensad, sulky
tactfulsaying or doing the proper thing
taciturnbeing of few words
tiradea long, harsh, often abusive speech
torpidwithout energy, sluggish
traitorone who betrays a person, cause, or country
tranquilitycalmness, peacefulness
vaguenot precise, unclear
vengefulwanting or seeking revenge
verbositythe use of too many words

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