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Vocab Unit Ten

Vocabulary Workshop, Level E, Unit 10

acquiesce(v.) to accept without protest; to agree or submit
allure(v.) to entice, tempt; to be attractive to; (n.) a strong attraction; the power to attract, charm
askew(adj.,adv.) twisted to one side, crooked; disapprovingly
blithe(adj.) cheerful, lighthearted; casual, unconcerned
contentious(adj.) quarrelsome, inclined to argue
covet(v.) to desire something belonging to another
crestfallen(adj.) discouraged, dejected, downcast
disheveled(adj.) rumpled, mussed; hanging in disorder
exponent(n.) one who advocates, speaks for, explains, or interprets; (math) the power to which a number, symbol, or expression is to be raised; (adj.) explanatory
garrulous(adj.) given to much talking, tediously chatty
insuperable(adj,) incapable of being overcome
lamentable(adj.) to be regretted or pitied
misnomer(n.) an unsuitable or misapplied name
profess(v.) to affirm openly; to state belief in; to claim, pretend
respite(n.) a period of releif and rest
retribution(n.) a repayment; a deserved punishment
sinuous(adj.) winging, having many curves; lithe and flexible
sonorous(adj.) full, deep, or rich in sound; impressive in style
vanguard(n.) the foremost part of an army; the leading position in any field
wastrel(n.) a wasteful person, spendthrift; a good-for-nothing


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