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plant summary

general information

plant kingdomalternation
plant kingdomphotosynthesis
plant kingdommulticellular
mossnonvascular group
mossgametophyte adult
mosscannot do photosynthesis
fernseedless group
ferngametophyte adult lives seperate
fernspores are released
gynospermleaves have needles
gynospermmale and female cones
angiospermfruit or nuts around seeds
primary tissueground tissue,vascular bundles,and dermal tissue
secondary tissuevascular rings,ground tissue,and bark(cork cambium)
vascular cambiumthis develops in the bundles and produces xylem filaments on the inside of the bundle and phloem fillaments on the outside
springwood and summerwoodthese identify when xylem is produced
heartwoodfound in the stem and is composed of xylem that is clogged wit dirt and can no longer transport H20
heartwoodthis is the backbone of the tree
sapwoodthis is where xylem is still tansporting H2O
primary growthuses apicalmeristom cells (embyotic)
primary growthdermal tissue
primary growthground tissue
primary growthvascular tissue
dermal tissueouter layer of stem
dermal tissuethis protects the plant and stops water loss
dermal tissuecan do photosynthesis
ground tissueforms the center of the stem
ground tissueis maintained for the life of the tree
vascular tissuefound in bundles
vascular tissuehas xylem and phloem

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