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deserts and dry places

GobiWorld's second largest desert - in China, and Mongolia.
KalahariDesert in southern Africa.
SaharaWorld's largest desert, located in north Africa.
bushmenThe natives of the Kalahari.
aboriginesThe natives of the Australian deserts.
Rub al KhaliMajor desert on Arabian peninsula.
Empty QuarterUninhabited areas of Arabian desert.
BedouinNative nomadic tribes of the Arabian desert.
Great Sandy DesertDesert located in Northwest Australia.
Simpson DesertDesert located in south central Australia.
Great Victoria DesertDesert located in Southeast Australia.
Ayers RockHuge rock in central Australian plateau -- a major landmark.
outbackAustralian slang for interior region, including deserts.
Alice SpringsRemote Australian town that has come to symbolize rough living.
AstrakhanLargest desert city in Europe.
Caspian SeaWorld's largest salt-water lake, borders desert area in Southeastern Europe.
Baja CaliforniaPeninsula that is almost entirely desert.
Death ValleyLowest point in North America, located in the Mojave desert.
coyoteMammal of canine family found in deserts.
Great BasinDesert area covering much of Nevada.
Mojave DesertDesert in southwestern U.S. (California and Arizona)
Painted DesertArea of colorful desert land in Arizona.
Sonoran DesertDesert in Northwestern Mexico and Southwestern U.S.
SahelDry savannah area south of the Sahara, slowly being subsumed by the Sahara due to human misuse of land.
AtacamaDesert dominating southwestern coast of South America.
PatagoniaSouthern region of Argentina, largely desert.
AntarcticaConsidered a desert by many scientists because of its lack of plant and animal life, though it receives more precipitation than most desert areas.
CamelsKnown as the ships of the desert because of their historical use as pack animals.
30th ParallelThe line of latitude around which all the world's natural deserts are found.
El NiƱoName for a warming of Pacific ocean causing major changes in climate patterns all over the world.
Sinai PeninsulaTriangle of desert connecting Africa (at Egypt) to Saudi Arabia.
Namib DessertStrip of desert along Southwestern coast of Africa.

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