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U5-L1 Irregular Verbs and Commands

Review the verbs in Unit 5 Lesson 1

cruzarto cross
bajarto lower, to get out of
llevarto wear or to carry
llegarto arrive
abrirto open
regresarto return
cambiarto change, to exchange
buscarto look for
necesitarto need
enviarto send
olvidarto forget
preguntarto ask, to ask questions
recibirto receive
darto give
ponerto put, to place
saberto know a fact, to know how to do something
traerto bring
seguirto continue, to follow
salirto leave
hacerto make, to do
doyI give
pongoI put
I know or tú positive irregular command ser
traigoI bring
sigoI follow, I continue
salgoI leave, I go out
hagoI make, I do
siguesyou follow, you continue
seguimoswe follow, we continue
salenthey leave
hacéisyou all make or do
dahe & she give you give
ponenthey put
sabesyou know a fact or how to do something
traemoswe bring
saltú positive command leave or go out
haztú positive command make of do
tentú positive command have
ventú positive command come
ditú positive command tell or say
vetú positive command go
pontú positive command put of place
no vayastú negative command don't go
no abrastú negative command don't open
no comastú negative command don't eat
no seastú negative command don't be from ser
no estéstú negative command from estar don't be
no destú negative command don't give

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