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4) Chemistry Atoms or Elements Matching Game-2017

Molecule with 2 atoms and 1 elementH2
Molecule with 3 atoms and 2 elementsH2O
Molecule with 4 atoms and 2 elementsH2O2
Molecule with 24 atoms and 3 elementsC6H12O6
How many electrons surround Helium?2 electrons
How many electrons surround Neon?8 electrons
Heliumis an element
What is it called when atoms share their outer electrons to become noble?Covalent bonding
A molecule is...a neutral particle that results when 2 or more atoms bond covalently?
Table salt (NaCl) is a...Compound
Sand in water is a...Suspension
Glue is a...Colloid
Gravel is a...Mixture
Found in the nucleus of an atomProtons + Neutrons
Found in the perimeter of an atomElectrons
The charge of a ProtonPositive (+)
The charge of an ElectronNegative (-)
The charge of a NeutronNo charge (Neutral)
Number of naturally occurring elements on EarthAround 90
Chemical Symbol for PotassiumK
Chemical Symbol for CarbonC
Chemical Symbol for OxygenO
Chemical Symbol for CalciumCa
Chemical Symbol for SodiumNa

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