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Static Electricity 20

Electrical ChargeThis is why bits of paper stick to a plastic comb that has been rubbed
Touch an electroscope with a negatively-charged rodCharging by conduction
Charging by inductionno charges are separated
Electric fieldforce per unit charge
force on a test charge in an electric fielddirectly proportional to the magnitude of the field
As an electric field becomes stronger, the field lines shoulb be drawncloser together
The work done moving a test charge from one point to anotherelectric potential difference
The equation for the potential difference between two points in a uniform electric fieldV=Ed
Touching an object to earth to eleiminate excess chargegrounding
Where charges are found on a hollow conductoron the outer surface
capacitora device that stores a charge, made up of two conductors separated by an insulator
The rate at which energy is transferredpower
The resistance of a conductor can be determined if these are knownpotential difference and current
The current flowing in an electric circuit can be increased byincreasing voltage or decreasing resistance
a device that measures the amount of current in a circuitammeter
measure of energy used by utility companieskWh
The resistance required by an ammeterlow
the resistance required by a voltmeterhigh
the way a voltmeter is connected in circuitsparallel
the way an ammeter is connected in circuitsseries
equivalent resistance in a series circuitR1+R2+R3
equivalent resistance in a parallel circuit1/R=1/R1+1/R2+1/R3

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