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How many of these "earth shaking" facts do you know?

seismographan instrument used to record the movement of the earth
faultsfractures in the earth's crust
tsunamian earthquake on the ocean floor
30 secondsan earthquake occurs this often
Alaskathe state that has the most earthquakes
Californiathe state that has the most damaging earthquakes
Richter Scalemeasures the magnitude of an earthquake
seismologista person who studies earthquakes
platesthe jugsaw puzzle pieces of earth's crust
divergent movementwhen earth's plates move away from each other
Mercalli Scalebased solely on observation
Florida, North Dakotathe two states that have the least number of earthquakes
lateralwhen earth's plates move past each other
earthquakethe sudden, sometimes violent movement of the earth's surface
convergent movementwhen the earth's plates move into each other
P and S wavesthe two kinds of seismic waves produced by an earthquake
Chilethe world's largest earthquake on record occured here
P wavesthe faster of the two seismic waves
1902the year the Mercalli Scale was invented
7 minutesthe maximum length of time ever recorded for an earthquake

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