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Drawing Activity

Match the terminology to the definition whether it is pictoral or written

Drawing Media - Chalk, Very dark blacks, blends easily, comes in stick form.
Drawing Technique - Contour, Outline drawing with details, no shading or value
Drawing Technique - Crosshatching, Parallel lines in opposite directions overlapping.
Pastel Drawing Technique - White and black charcoal pencil, Associated with the traditional method of pastels.
Drawing Technique - Gesture Drawing, Quick loose drawing marks showing movement or shape..
Terminology - Negative Space, Space outside of object
Drawing Technique - Parellel lines, Lines that do not intersect.
Pastel Drawing Technique - Pastel Direct, Chalk on colored paper.
Terminology - Positive Space, Object is drawn or colored in.
Drawing Technique - Griding, Dividing up space for proper proportion for image or still life.
Drawing Technique - Scribbling, Loose, round markings, can give an expresionistic quality to drawing.
Drawing Technique - Gradational Shading, Soft blends between values for the illusion of form.
Drawing Technique - Hatching, Quick, little wispy marks, typically short in nature to add visual texutre.
Drawing Technique - Stippling, Dots and dabs.
6B PencilSoft and Dark graphite
HB or No.2 PencilMedium in color and can still erase, graphite.
Pure LineA line which defines no specific shape, often biomorphic.
ValueLightness and darkness of a color or neutral.
ContrastDegree of difference between the lightest and darkest parts of a picture.
PointillismDots, dashes and hatching marks to build a visual texture.
Good Composition GuidelinesFocal point 4 times larger, foreground, mid-ground, background, elements are unified, value in the work.
Ink BrushworkCreates a painterly quality to drawing and many tonal ranges.
SketchQuick drawing to layout basic imagery.
StudyEvaluate and draw an image or still life to build on techniques and experimentation.
SightingUsing your pencil extended in front of you to do a measurement for proportioning.
CritiqueAnalyzing of artwork.

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