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Vocabulary/ Spelling Review

Playing these games is a great way to study!

infatuatedextremely attracted to someone
habituallyrepeatedly or continuously
ebonyblack; a type of dark, heavy wood
mortifiedhumiliated; embarrassed
plagiarizeto pass off someone's work as your own;to copy
venomousfilled with deep hatred
loathefilled with deep hatred
remorsefulfilled with sorrow or guilt
opaquenot transparent
guerrillahaving to do with "underground" army
succinctbrief and to the point
vindictivewanting revenge; unforgiving
amendto change for the better
infinitenever-ending; going on forever
abductto kidnap
textileswoven materials; cloth
unscrupulousdishonest; immoral
controversiallikely to cause disagreement
turbulentwild; unstable
nocturnalactive at night
toutto praise highly
smugself-satisfied to an annoying degree
impeccablevirtually perfect; free of error
vehementforceful; full of intense feeling

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