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The Dark Is Rising /Final test/ vocabulary practice

scuttledquick, swift run
muckedclean out the manure
ominousforeshadowing of evil
instinctivelyyou know something naturally
amiablegood natured, pleasant
commotionchaos, noisy
liegeservant, assistant
conjureimagine in your head
hummockedlow,rounded hill or mounded pile
derisivelyshowing contempt or ridiculing
perilexposure to harm or injury/evil
shodto put a shoe on a horse
irresolutecannot make up your mind
immensevery big, great (as in age/old)
tapestryfabric with pictures/designs
questsearch or journey
besiegedsurrounded/by the Dark
cacophonyharsh clashing sounds/rooks
anquishfull of pain and suffering
vulgarnasty or unclean
impersonallynot pertaining to a person
subsidedstop doing something
mandalacross quartered circle
pontificallydignified, respectfully
immobilenot moving
deferentiallyvery respectfully/
consternationconfused state
impassiveno feeling or emotion
preoccupationabsorbed in one's thoughts
navefront of the church
bierplatform for a coffin
entreatyearnest request
sluicingchannel or passage for water
gauntthin and bony
runicancient, mystical symbol
totema natural symbol representing a person,family
iridescencerainbow-like colors
halloocall to rally the hounds
meneea rapid, urgent collecting call
malevolencewishing or having ill will toward another
fantasysomething that goes beyond the laws of nature
transformedchanges to a different state

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