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Cryano de Bergerac Vocabuly

Virtuosigreat skill; especially in music1
Rarefiedmade thinner
Don Quioxteidealistic knight
Seigesurround, cut-off supplies, wait out
Parasitictakes advantage of the generosity of others
Elegantrefined in appearance or manners
Maniaintense enthusiasm
Shroudburial covering
Benignkind disposition
Asideshort remark made in the presence of others
Capuchinorder of monks
Gallantcourageous; valiant
Infestedto 9overrun in large numbers; to be harmful/obnocious
Hideousrepulsive especially in sight
Distraughtdeeply agitated/anxious
Parapetembankment protecting soldiers from enemy fire
Brandishto wave or flourish menacingly
Wieldedto handle escecially capably
Gluttonone who eats or consumes immoderate anounts
Despisedislike intensly
Incomparablebeyond comparison; unsurpasses
Stupefactionto amaze, astonish
Exquisitebeautifully made or designed
Frivolityinnapropriately silly
Gildedto cvover with or as if with a thin layer of gold
Martialsuggestive to war
Persistto go on resolutely of stubbornly in spite of opposition
Grotesqueabsurdelyin congruous; ugly/disfigured
Captivatingto preserve in arrelatively permanent form
Reveillefirst military formation of the day
Adversaryopponent; enemy
Hauntingto visti often; frequent
Courtieran attendent at the court of a sovereign
Rusticsimple; unsophisticated
Vunerablesusceptible to injury
Rancorbitter, long lasting resentment
Deferenceyielding to the opponent, wishes or judgement of another
Herionefemale hero
Patemeat paste
Tumoltcommotion of great crowd; uproar
Prevailedto gain acendancy through strength or superiority
Arrogantexcessively self inportaint
Lunaticacts foolishly
Boilpus filled swelling of the skin
Rufflarge frilled collar
Foilssword with thin, flexible blade
Ponderouslymassive, heavy
Incidentllyof a minor or casual nature
Billowingswell or surge
Preoccupiedattention is already engrossed
Spawnedgive rise to
Punchinellogrotesque puppet
Majesticallyperformed with greatness/dignity
Obligingas a service or a favor
Brashhastily; unthinking
Patronwealthy supporter of the arts
Solsfrench coin
Cadetcommon soldier
Odelyric poem in praise of person/object
Doubletwaist-length jacket
Tartsmall open pie
Bravadoboastful bravery
Affabilityfriendliness; kindness
Paunchfat stomach
Blladepoem with 3-eight line stanzas and a four-line refrain
Canquishovercome; subdue
Impromptuwithout preparation
Barbarianprimitive; uncivilized
Blusterspeak boastfully
Protuberancebulge; something that sticks out
Parryfight off attacker
Fopone overly concerned with apperance
Ignoblecausing disgrace
Venusgodess of love and beauty
Scruplesdoing waht is right
Burgherdweller in a town
Nebulouslacking degfinite form
Improviseinvent without preperation
Provokeincite to anger
Haltinglyhesitantly, to be in doubt
Lyrestrigned instrument
Guiledeceitful; cunning

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