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THE CONTENDER--Boxing Vocabulary

These are vocabulary terms that go along with Lipsyte's book THE CONTENDER. These specialized terms are used to enhance the student's understanding of baxing vocabulary.

swaggerto strut about in an arrogant way
quiverto shake with a slight but rapid motion
shambleto walk with dragging feet; to shuffle
shadowboxto exercise by boxing with an imaginary opponent
sparto box with light blows, for practice
pivotto turn on one foot
nauseaa sick feeling in the stomach
sheepishembarrassed at having done something foolish
tensenessa feeling of tightness or nervious strain
paralyzedunable to move
jabto punch with a short, quick blow
hooka short, circular punch delivered with the elbow bent
uppercuta swinging blow delivered upward
bouta boxing match
pugilista boxer
advancementimproving oneself; moving forward
contendersomeone who competes for the top prize
sacrificea giving up of pleasure or comfort for the sake of a higher goal
regimena regulated course of diet and exercise for a specific purpose
alibian excuse; the defense that the accused was somewhere wlse when a crime was committed
antiseptica medication that kills germs in cuts
linimenta medication that relieves soreness
murkydark, gloomy, and cheerless
tinnyhaving a sound without much depth or power
nubbyhaving a rough or a bumpy texture
satchela small bag
flickerto burn unsteadily
potiona drink that is thought to have medicinal, magical, or poisonous effects

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