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Plant Kingdom

tracheophytesvascular plants with true roots, leaves & stems that need sun
byrophtesnon-vascular plants with NO true roots leaves & stems that live in the moist shade
vascular plantstaller plants & have tubes for support: xylem & phloem
non-vascular plantsno tubes, short (mosses & liverworts)
gymnosperms"naked seeds"; cones are reproductive organs
angiospermsflowering plants that produce "covered seeds" & fruit
xylemtubes that take water & minerals UP the plant
phloemfood "flows" DOWN the plant
monocotsan angiosperm whose seeds have one cotyledon, the flowers have 3 petals, scattered xylem & phloem, & parallel veins in each leaf
dicotsangiosperm whose seeds have two cotyledens, flowers have 4 or 5 petals, pie-shaped arrangement of xylem & phloem, & leaves have branching veins
needle-like leaveswhere the conifer makes its food
fernsspores are reproductive organs
frondthe special name of a fern "leaf"
spore casethe small covering of spores
vascular tissueprovides support & transport of materials through the plant

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