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More Chapter 8 verb and vocab practice

aquel (aquella)that (far away)
aquellos (aquellas)those (far away)
alla (CAEE segundo "a")over there
despues (CAEE segundo "e")after
electrico/a (CAEE segundo "e")electric
ese (esa)that ( a little farther away)
esos (esas)those (a little farther away)
este (esta)this
estos (estas)these
cuanto/s (CAEE "a")how much/many
mas (CAEE "a")more
mucho/aa lot
poco/aa little
un poco dea little...
un poco mas/menosa little more/less
ni un poconot even a little
un poquito (de)a very little
Pongo la mesa.I am setting the table.
prefieroI prefer
sientoI am sorry
quieroI want/wish/love
piensoI think
cierroI close/shut / I am closing/shuting
enciendoI am lighting / I light
empiezoI am starting/ I start
pasame (CAEE primero "a")pass me
cerramoswe are closing/shuting / we close/shut
preferimoswe prefer
queremoswe want/wish/love
sentimoswe are sorry / we regret
pensamoswe think
encendemoswe are lighting / we light
quieresyou want/wish/love
quierehe/she/you want/wish/love
quierenthey want/wish/love
cierranthey are shuting/closing, they shut/close
cierrasyou close/shut, you are closing/shuting
cierrahe/she/you close/shut , he/she/you are closing/shuting
cierranthey close/shut, they are closing/shuting
enciendehe/she/you are lighting, he/she/you light
enciendenthey are lighting, they light
enciendesyou are lighting, you light
empiezasyou are starting, you start
empiezahe/she/you are starting, he/she/you start
empiezanthey are starting, they start
prefieresyou prefer
prefierehe/she/you prefer
prefierenthey prefer
otra vezagain, another time
de todos los dias (CAEE "i")everday
sientesyou are sorry, you regret
sientehe/she/you are sorry, he/she/you regret

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