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Digestive System Matching

Oral CavityMouth
TongueMoves the food around and pushes it to the back of your throat
PharynxThroat-Food enters as a bolus
EsophagusFood tube to the stomach
StomachMuscular sac that holds about 2 liters of food/liquid
Small IntestineMost chemical digestion takes place here and the absorption of nutrients
Large IntestineAlso called the colon
RectumStores and releases wastes
AnusReleasing of wastes takes place here also
Salivary GlandsOrgan- 3 pairs
Liver208 functions- Very important organ
GallbladderStores bile and releases into common bile duct
PancreasSecretes pancreatic juices
Appendixappendicitis happens here
VilliAbsorption of nutrients takes place here

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