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Games for review on circulatory system.

Plasma mainly consists of what?contains 98% water
What kind of blood cell is erthrocytes?Red blood cells
What is the function of red blodd cells?They carry oxygen around the body
White are blood cells are called?leukocytes
What is the main function of leukocytes?They fight disease
Where are red blood manufactured?Bone marrow
What does hemoglobin do?Carries oxygen fom the lungs to the body cells and aids in transportating carbon dioxide to the lungs
How many chambers does the heart have?Four
What type of blood has oxygen have in it?Red
What is a good name for the heart?Pump
The lower chambersof the heart are called what?Ventricles
Keeps blood flowing in the correct directionValves
What is systemic circulation?process of pumping blood heart to bady cells and back again.
Process of pumping blood from heart to lungs ispulmonary circulation
What kind of system is blood circulation?Closed
What type of vessel carries blood away from the heart?arteries
What vessels carry blood to the heart?Veins
What connects arteries to veins?capillaries
The clumping together of red blood cells is called what?agglutination
To be a universal donor what blood type do you have?type O
If you have this blood type you are a universal receiver.type AB
What arteries supply blood tho the head?Carotid arteires
The jugular veins carry blood from where to the heart?The head
Where does the inferior vena cava enter?upper right auricle
The subclavian artiries suppliy blood to where?Arms
What are the tiniest blood vessels called?Capillaries
What are the veins that carry blood from the lungs to the laft auricle?Pulmonary veins
What veins go back to the heart from leg region?Iliac veins

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