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Literature Terms II

Terms for Final Literature II

scornstrong dislike for someone or something thought to be inferior
hymna song of praise
meekpatient and mild
haunchesan amimal's lower back and legs
amissin a wrong way; improper
tottersrocks or shakes as if about to fall, in unsteady
feedthe tiny particles that minnows feed on
swervea curving motion
quicksilverquick, changeable, unpredictable; like the chemical element mercury which is silver-white
squatshort and heavy
glintgleam, flash, or glitter
saunterwalk about idly, stroll
preendress up; show pride in one's appearance
pompan impressive show or display
trundlemove on wheels or as if on wheels
quarriedcarved out of the ground
broocha large ornamental pin worn on dress
somberdark and solemn
mosaicmade of different pieces combined to form a whole
testimoniesstatements or declarations
muslina plain, strong kind of cotton
galleonA large Spanish sailing ship
rapier hiltthe large cup-shaped handle of a rapier which is a type of sword
stable wicketa small door or gate to a stable
ostlersomeone who takes care of horses at an inn or stable
bonnyScottish for pretty
harryto distrub by constant attacks
casementa window frame that opens on hinges
branda piece of burning wood
King George's mensoldiers serving King George of England
sniggering jestsly joke
primingthe explosive used to set off the charge in a gun
sternstrict; unyielding


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