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Geology Review Terms

lithospherecrust/solid upper mantle
strikedip formed straight line
driftwhat continents appear to do
grabensunken area between faults
coreearth's innermost layer
orogenymountain building process
faultmoving fracture
anticlineupward fold
wegenercontinental drift author
shearscissors-like force on plates
horstblocks moving upward relative to graben
lateralshear caused fault
asthenosphereplastic -like mantle area
foldforce caused bent formation
normaltension caused fault
reversethrust fault
crusttop earth layer
gutenbergmantle/core boundary
mohocrust/mantle bondary
jointnonmoving fracture
synclinedownwrd fold
convectioncirculating heat cells
mesospherelower mantle
diptilted layer direction and angle

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