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AP Vocabulary #1

Vocbulary Review For A Test

Articles of Confederationfirst Constitution
autocracypower in hands of 1 person
Affirmative actiongovernment- mandated program to create special employment opportunities
Bill of RightsFirst 10 amendments
black codesrestrictive post- Civil War laws in South
blanket primaryprimary election in which voters may select a candidate from any party for each office
bread and butter issuesissues that directly impact the daily life of working class people
broad constructionismbelief that the Constitution should be interpreted loosely
Brown v Board of Educationoverturned "separate but equal" standard as applied to education
budget resolutionguidelines passed by Congress by April 15 for spending in next fiscl year
caucusmeeting of local party delegates to choose delegates to party's national convention
CIAespionage and informaion gathering agency
civil libertiesprotections against government power in the Bill Of Rights
civil rightsprotections against disccrimination by the govenment of individuals
Civil Rights Act of 1964made segregation in public places illegal
closed primaryvoting restricted to registered members of a particular political party
cloturemotion in the Senate to end debate
Congressional Budget Officeexperts who assess the feasibility of the of the president's plan and help Congress create a budget
delegated powersCondtitutional powers granted to the federal government
direct democracyall enfranchised voters vote on all matters of government
dual federalismearly in US history the federal and state government were separate and independent
due processlegal procures for arrest and trial
elastic clauseallows Congress to pass laws to fulfill its powers enumerated inthe Constitution"necessary and proper " laws
establishment clauseprohibits the government from designating an official religion
exclusionary ruleprohibits use of illegally obtained evidence at a trial
executive agreementPresidential agreements made with foreign nations that do not have to be approved by the Senate
executive privilegeright of president to withhold information that might compromise national security
extraditionreturn of fugitives to state of crime
filibusterlengthy speech that halts debate in the Senate
front loadingstates with early primary dates are very important in the primary campaign

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