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Ch 17 World War II

kamikazeJapanese practice of crashing planes into Allied ships
Enola Gayplane that dropped the bomb
island hoppingplan to capture some Japanese held islands in Pacific and go around others
Andrew Higginscreated the boats for theD-day invastion and others amphibious invasions of WWII
Dwight EisenhowerSAC-ETO, led the D day invasion
Harry Trumanpresident that made the decision to use atomic bomb
FDRonly president to win a third term
Yaltasecret conference where the Big 3 made decision about Europe after the war
Hiroshimacity where the first atomic bomb was dropped
Bataanpeninsula in the Philippines where American and Filipino soldiers were forced to walk 65 miles; 10000 of them died
LuftewaffeGerman airforce
RAFBritish airforce
Operation Torchcode name for the Allied invasion of North Africa
Operation Overlordcode name for the cross channel invasion of France
Manhattan Projectsecret name for the atomic bomb project
eugenicsNazi policy of selective breeding
euthanasiapolicy of killing life deemed "unworthy of life"
Gen. Douglas MacArthurled Allied troops in the Pacific; vowed "I shall return"
J Robert Oppenheimerled the project to develop the Atomic bomb
AuchwitzNazi death camp that killed the most people
NagasakiJapanese city that was bombed just before Japan's surrender
VE Dayday after Germany surrendered
VJ Dayday that Japan surrendered
Battle of the Bulgelast German offensive;Germany was defeated
Midwayimportant naval victory for Americans; turning point in the war
Iwo Jimahard fought battle depicted by monument in DC and a famous picture of the men raising the flag on Mt. Surabachi
D-DayJune 6.1944
typhusdisease carried by body lice
typhoiddisease transmitted by contaminated drinking water
Guadalcanalimportant land victory for the US
OkinawaAm. captured this island and were then poised to invade the mainland
United Nationsorganization that was created as a result of WWII
rationingestablished fixed allotments of goods deemed essentioal for the military
Chester Nimitzled US naval troops at Midway
Anne Frankwrote a diary while in hiding; died at Bergen Belsen work camp
EinsatzgruppenGerman mobile killing units
internment campswhere Japanese Americans were forced to go during World War II
concentration campswhere Jews, Homosexuals, and Jehovah Witnesses were sent
Coral Seanaval battle where United States troops forced Japanese to use too much fuel and halted their advancement toward Australia
Stalingradbattle that halted German advancement into the Soviet Union; huge losses on both sides
Navajoused as code talkers during World War II
NisseiJapanese Americans born in the US
Nuremberg TrialsTribunal that tried Nazi leaders for war crimes
Kristallnachtname given to the night when Nazis in Germany attacked Jews, their businesses, and their synagogues

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