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Castles #4

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synopsisa summary
idolizeto greatly admire
inadvertentunintentional; by accident
verifyto prove to be true
conveneto meet or assemble
excerpta passage selected from a book, speech, play, etc.
lucrativebringing in a lot of money
orba sphere or circle
lamentto mourn or grieve
candorhonesty and straightforwardness
fauxfalse; artificial
precocioussmart for his or her age
ficklevery changeable in affection, loyalty, etc.
gauntthin and bony
meddleto interfere in someone else's business
kleptomaniacsomeone who is addicted to stealing
astuteclever; intelligent; cunning
compelto force
seetheto be extremely agitated or disturbed
incompatiblenot going together well
pauncha potbelly
proprietorthe owner of a business
verminsmall, harmful, or disgusting animals or insects
smitteninspired with love

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