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Literature Terms III

Literature Terms for Final Exam Third List

the midnight sunthe sun visible at midnight in the artic or antartic regions during the summer
moilto toll and slave
margea poetic word for the shore of the lake
mushingtraveling by foot over snow, usually with a dog sled
cash ina slang expression meaning "die"
huskiesstrong dogs used for pulling sled over the snow
derelictan abandoned ship
started at Bo-peepwere playing a game of Bo-peep, an old fashioned name for peekaboo.
Blackfeet; pawneesthe names of groups of native Americans
organdiesthin,crisp cotton fabrics used for items like dresses and curtains
Santa Fethe capital of New Mexico
Corpus Christia city of southeast Texas
Plainviewa town in Texas
downysoft and fluffy, like soft, fine feathers
banishsend into exile
boga small marsh or swamp
exquisitevery beautiful, especially in a delicate way
distinctseparate and different
swarmsis filled or crowded


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