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SAT Prep Vocabulary List 1 abridge-aloof

Created by Anne Martin

to abridgeto condense or shorten
abstemioussparing in eating and drinking
abstracttheoretical, not concrete
abstruseobscure, profound, difficult to understand
accessibleeasy to approach, obtainable
accoladeaward of merit
to acknowledgeto recognize, admit
acquiesceassent, agree without protesting
acridsharp, bitterly powerful
acrimoniousbitter in words or manner
adulationflattery, admiration
adversitystruggle or challenge
to advocateto urge, to plead for
aestheticartistic, what is considered artistic or beautiful
affableeasily approachable, warmly friendly
affirmationpositive assertion, confirmation
to aggregateto gather, accumulate
to alleviateto relieve
aloofapart, reserved

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