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Mathematical definitions on shapes

polygonsa shape/object with sides that is closed
quadrilaterala polygon with four sides
trapezoid (quadrilateral)exactly two sides parallele
rhombus (quad)all dies are the same lenght and pooisite sides are parallele
square (quad)all sides are the smae length and angles are 90 degrees
rectangle (quad)opposite sides the same length all angles 90 degrees
paralallogram (quad)oppisite sides the same length and oppisite sides are paralelle
octagon (polygon)??8 sided polygon
hexagon (polygon)??6 sided polygon
pentagon (polygon)??5 sided polygon
Isosceles (triangle)one side is equal
Equalateral (triangle)all sides are equal
Scalene (triangle)no sides are equal
obtuse (angles)more than 90 degrees
acute (angles)less than 90 degrees
right angle (angles)exactly 90 degrees
regular_____an object with sides all the same length
irregular_____an object with a side a differnt
perpendicular lineintersects with a 90 degree angle ? ? ? ?
intersecting linecrosses eachother
raya line which one end stops and the other keeps going
segmenta line where both ends stop
line(arrows) keep going FOREVER!


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