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Respiratory Matching Game

Match the definition to the correct term.

diaphramDome shaped muscle that aids in breathing.
vocal cordsA fold of tissue that stretched accross the larynx that vibrates with the movement of air to form sounds.
larynxThe box shaped structure that contains your vocal cords.
ciliaThe tiny hair like structures that line the nasal cavity and trachea.
tracheaStructure that carries air from the nose to the lungs.
noseThe part of the respiratory system responsible for warming, cleaning and moistening the air.
epiglottisA small flap of tissue that closes over the wind pipe or trachea.
mucusThe substance that lines the walls of the trachea which traps remaining dust particles and unwanted bacteria.
bronchiThe right and left tubes that branch off of the trachea and enter the lungs.
lungThe main respratory organ.
alveoliThe grapelike clusters of microscopic round sacs in the lungs where gases are exchanged.
oxygenThe gas that the respiratory system takes in to nourish the body.
carbon dioxideThe gas that the respiratory system exhales as waste.
bronchial tubesWhere the bronchi break down into smaller and smaller tubes.
capillariesOxygen passes through the alveoli into these. These are the link between the respiratory and circularory systems.

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