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Metric Basics

Covers the basics of the metric system that most people will use.

meterstandard unit of length in the metric system
massthe amount of matter ("stuff") in an object or substance
volumethe amount of space an object or matter occupies
centi-metric prefix for 1/100 ( .01 or one one-hundredth)
milli-metric prefix meaning 1/1000 (.001 or one one-thousandth)
kilo-metric prefix meaning 1000
grambase unit of mass in the metric system
literbase unit of volume in the metric system
centimeter (cm)convenient metric unit to measure the length of a textbook
milliliter (ml)1/1000 of a liter, metric unit used in measuring liquid medicines or in recipes
milligram (mg)1/1000 of a gram, unit used in measuring amount of solid medicine in pills
kilometermetric unit similar to a mile
balancetool used to measure MASS
graduated cylinder (graduate)tool used to measure liquid volume
kilogramhistorically the standard unit of metric mass , equal to 1000 grams
meterstandard metric unit of length , about 39 inches (slightly longer than a US yard)
meniscusthe curved line formed by water in a graduated cylinder --- always read at the bottom of the curve

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